Traditional Fresh Karidopita - 900g
Traditional Fresh Karidopita - 900g
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Traditional Fresh Karidopita - 900g

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The Greek Karidopita (walnut pie) is made fresh and shipped a few hours later from a Greek bakery at your place!

Traditional Karidopita is made with superfood walnuts and is a dessert that goes back to a time when people made recipes with the food they had in their pantry making it light and healthy. Karidopita is rich enough in flavors and spice for the holidays as the cake is dark, dense and aromatic. While delicious without its honeyed syrup, its flavors are elevated when soaked in spiced delight.

It goes well with several accompaniments. Whipped cream is a great pie topping, as it doesn’t take away from the walnut pie. You may also want to consider using a fresh scoop of French vanilla ice cream to go on top of the pie.

The 900g size makes it a great dessert for gatherings and you will surely want to have it on Holidays too! 


eggs, sugar, salt, vanilla, flour, dark corn syrup, butter, walnuts


Shipments depart from Greece on Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday. Deliveries by the courier are then made on Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday.

In order to best preserve the integrity and quality of fresh products, we recommend that you follow the shipment on the DHL website through the "tracking number" in order to receive the products on the first delivery attempt. Place the freshly delivered products in the refrigerator.

FRESH products are delivered by express courier in 24/48 hours.

  1. Freshly made traditional sweets
  2. Authentic taste - made with the best products of the Greek tradition
  3. Freshly baked from the oven, the Greek favorites
  4. Fast and safe delivery in 24-48 hours
  1. Dolci tradizionali freschi appena fatti
  2. Gusto autentico - realizzato con i migliori prodotti della tradizione greca
  3. Appena sfornati dal forno, i dolci preferiti dai greci
  4. Consegna rapida e sicura in 24-48 ore
, 39% μπεσαμέλ (γάλα, νερό, αλεύρι σίτου (περιέχει γλουτένη), σογιέλαιο, μαργαρίνη [φυτικά έλαια και λίπος (φοινικέλαιο, σογιέλαιο, στεατίνη φοινικών), νερό, αλάτι, γαλακτωματοποιητές (μονο- και δι-γλυκερίδια λιπαρών οξέων , εστέρες πολυγλυκερόλης λιπαρών οξέων), ρυθμιστής οξύτητας: κιτρικό οξύ, συντηρητικό: σορβικό κάλιο, αρωματικές ουσίες], σκληρό τυρί, αυγά, αλάτι, ζάχαρη, πιπεριά, μοσχοκάρυδο), 29,4% ζυμαρικά πέννες βραστά [σιμιγδάλι σκληρού σίτου (περιέχει γλουτένη), νερό], 31,2% σάλτσα κιμά (κιμάς, αποφλοιωμένες ντομάτες, 3,8% έξτρα παρθένο ελαιόλαδο, τοματοπολτός, κρεμμύδια, αλάτι, ζάχαρη, μαύρο πιπέρι, πιμέντο, κανέλα), σκληρό τυρί, τριμμένη φρυγανιά. Μπορεί να περιέχει ίχνη σέλινου και μουστάρδας.,
  1. Gâteaux traditionnels fraîchement préparés
  2. Goût authentique - élaboré avec les meilleurs produits de la tradition grecque
  3. Fraîchement sorti du four, les favoris grecs
  4. Livraison rapide et sûre en 24 à 48 heures
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