Tomato sauce with ouzo and tuna - 250g

Tomato sauce with ouzo and tuna - 250g

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  • Over the last years young Greek chefs have elaborated and proposed innovative recipes revolutionising the Greek cuisine, a cuisine that has always been based on the traditions. 
  • Dolopia aims to innovate and thus experiment with new recipes, always using products 100% from the Greek land (and sea). 
  • This exquisite sauce that combines land and sea, giving to anyone who wants to try it an emotional taste and unique flavour.
  • The combination of tomatoes, tuna fish from the Aegean sea and ouzo from the Dodecanese islands is a new, but absolutely outstanding, idea for the Greek cuisine.

Tomatoes, Tuna, Ouzo, Salt

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Vassilis and Eirini, the founders of Dolopia, propose this sauce that represents Greece: the sea is represented by the Tuna of Alonissos, the land by the tomatoes from the Omvriakos valley and the ouzo.

These ingredients, a real excellence of the Greek territory, are put together to delight the palate. Dolopia only uses fresh land products and freshly caught tuna fish from the neighbouring island of Alonissos.

Each production day is a party in the village, everyone is eager to sample the new creations.

Quantity : 250g

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