Tomato Sauce with Feta cheese and Throubi - 250g

Tomato Sauce with Feta cheese and Throubi - 250g

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  • Tomato and feta cheese, a typical combination of the Greek land, are the ingredients of many Greek traditional recipes. 
  • In this ready to serve sauce produced by Dolopia, tomato and feta cheese reach the perfect balance thanks to the presence of the throubi, wild summer herb, aromatic notes.
  • Feta cheese is the most famous cheese in Greece, in each family there is always someone who produces fresh handmade feta cheese. 
  • This sauce is a unique solution to flavour your dishes with the traditional tastes of Greece in a simple and fast way.

Tomatoes, Feta, Trhoubi

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In this sauce produced by Dolopia, feta cheese and tomatoes are cooked together over low heat, for hours and hours, so that they release all their flavour characteristics. When the mix is almost ready, the throubi is added bringing with its aromatic notes balance and exuberance.

Throubi is a herb that grows wild in the valleys of Greece, it is harvested by hand and it is often used to give aroma and unique flavour to the dishes.

All Dolopia products, made in the small family run farm, are subject to ISO controls for food certification.

Quantity : 250g

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