Organic Evoo Nostimon PGI Lakonia - 1L

Organic Evoo Nostimon PGI Lakonia - 1L

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Nostimon Hemar BIO is a very high quality evoo whose name is reported in Homer's Odyssey as perhaps the most perfect creation in literature.
Nostimon Hemar” is the sweet day, the day of returning home to one's beloved people. In fact, Ulysses wandered for over 20 years before returning to his beloved homeland.
“Nostimon Hemar” is a product of organic agriculture from selected olives from the areas around Sparta - Laconia. The production of early harvest and cold pressing provide a low acidity olive oil, with a high level of polyphenols. The mixture includes the presence of 3 varieties, among which Athinolia predominates. Thanks to this particular composition it has a unique flavor and taste with medium bitterness characteristics.
As an exclusive premium product it is numbered as IGP Lakonia, certified by Agrocert.
Packaged in 1L tin.


Blend of 3 variety of Greek olives

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