Orange zest and chocolate jam - 280g

Orange zest and chocolate jam - 280g

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The Dolopia orange and chocolate jam is more greedy than ever !! Orange and chocolate is a classic combination in the preparation of desserts all around the world, in this product the Omvriakos valley oranges make the difference. Raw materials are selected according to the season of the year; this is one of the strong points of Dolopia products.

This jam is prepared according to the traditional way, each jar is unique since Dolopia does not use any industrial production system, everything is handmade.


Orange Zest, Chocolate, Sugar

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Eirini and Vassilis, in their small family running company, produce a wide range of top quality jams experimenting with new flavours. Thanks to the endless selection of raw materials present in the valleys of the ancient Dolopia region, all the products are unique and derive from the traditional Greek cuisine.

Only when the raw materials are in season they are used for the preparation of jams; this is one of the secrets of the quality and excellence of the Dolopia products. Dolopia is a unique reality in the greek production scene, all the products are handmade and produced in limited quantities in accordance with the ISO 22000 standard.

Even for this orange and chocolate jam the recipe is always the same, the only thing that changes are the oranges used. Every production is a limited edition, and each time a new product is ready in the village of Omvriakos you line up to sample it.

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