Mythos beer - 24 x 330ml

Mythos beer - 24 x 330ml

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As its' name hints, Mythos (that means legend in Greek) is a worldwide known Greek product as the remedy for a hot summer day! It is a fine lager beer, with rich foam and a shiny golden colour. It contains 5% alcohol, a low percentage, so it is refreshing and at the same time light. The aromas of Mythos beer are enchanting, always bringing in mind the traditional Greek summer. The best way to enjoy this beer is to place a glass in the freezer and when frozen, pour the beer in it and enjoy it with your friends and family!


Enjoy it in the 24 can bundle, for easy storage and endless enjoyment!


Water, Barley Malt, Maltose, Hops, Yeast 5%

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History: The Olympic Brewery is a strong and cohesive group on the domestic beer market, which is due to the merger of the Mythos Brewery and the Olympic Brewery companies. Myth was born in Greece in 1997 and a legend is born around the world! Friends of the myth in more than 30 countries on 5 continents live their own myth through the most popular Greek beer with their own fans. FIX, the interested party and the historic brand for Greek beer In early 2012, the Olympic brewery will be sold in control of the export function of its products. Today FIX-Bier has heard prospects for further promotion in the perception abroad.

Quantity: 24 x 330 ml

Vol: 5%

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