Mastihopita with mastic and almonds - 80g

Mastihopita with mastic and almonds - 80g

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The Greek traditional Mastihopita with mastiha and almonds is a tasty sweet snack with all the taste of the Greek culture. Flavored with Chios mastic.


Sugar, glucose syrup, egg albumin, waffle, 12% almonds, 0.1% Chios mastiha, mastiha oil

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  • Mastihashop, a real creation of the people with mastic, highlighted its healing and cosmetic properties, its versatility and its transnationality.
  • It brought a number of delicious recipes with flavors, images and music of the Mediterranean.
  • Taking into account the specific characteristics of the trends and habits of the mastic and modern consumers in connection with the historical path of the product from antiquity to the present, the establishment of mastic shops was sought in order to use and strengthen the dynamism of the product.

Quantity: 80g

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