Halloumi Burgers - 200g

Halloumi Burgers - 200g

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The worldwide known and favourite Halloumi, now in burgers ready to grill, fry or bake and eat! These burgers are ideal for every vegeterian that still wants to enjoy a juicy burger or just for cheese lovers that can't get enough. The fact that Halloumi does not melt under high temperatures makes it the ideal cheese to include in a burger. It will be crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and with an impressive flavour like no other! Take two pieces of bread, chop some tomato, lettuce and onion, add a sauce of your choice, then the grilled or fried Halloumi and you have a perfect, delicious and healthy Burger at home!

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Quantity : 200g  (4 slices of 50g)

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