12 Beers Alpha 330ml

12 Beers Alpha 330ml

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One of the finest Greek beers!

Alfa beer was created in 1961, after a hard period of wars and poverty in Greece, as a remedy for all the bad memories. It slowly became more and more popular and nowadays you can find it even in the tiniest village of Greece. It has an eye-catching golden color, as a fine lager beer should, with a light and refreshing taste.

You can accompany almost every meal with this beer or even enjoy it with some mezedes on the side. It's a great pairing with seafood like octopus or squid.

Serve it cold or in a frozen glass and it will enchant every beer lover!


Enjoy the 12pack of Alfa beer to drink it in its’ purest form: in a glass bottle!


Water, Barley Malt, Barley, Hop Extract, Yeast.

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Capacity: 0.33l

Alcohol content: 5% Vol

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